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1. A fun gift they’ll use for years to come (at least, we hope they will)

Most importantly, gauge your client’s personality. You want to get clients something they will appreciate, not something they really don’t want.

If your clients are young, and they’ve let some vulgarities slip while around you, get them a coaster set. It’s funny and classic. They’ll be sure to have them out when their friends come over for a housewarming party — or any party really. Their friends will probably ask about the hilarious coasters, which will give your client the opportunity to talk about how fantastic you are!

For families or couples that seem a little more conservative, get an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home! Even if they already have one, they can always use one in another room.

These personal assistants are fun for families, handy for people who love to cook and need to set lots of timers and perfect for people who are forgetful.

2. A gift they’ll binge on

A three- or six-month membership to Netflix, Hulu or MoviePass is an innovative gift idea. This gift gives people experiences (more memories that can lead them back to thinking about you). Also, this kind of gift gets people talking.

Imagine what kinds of captions they’d use on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts because your gift would definitely be post-worthy.

3. Knowledge, and some money to follow it through with

Is your client totally new to the area? You might do well to buy them a gift card to the most unique — and tasty– restaurant your city has. They’ll appreciate your recommendation and try it out.

If you’re lucky, it will become their favorite restaurant, and they’ll think of you every time they go. When their new friends ask, “Have you been to Satchel’s,” they’ll say, “Yes, our amazing real estate agent gave us a gift card to go our first week here.” Then, they’ll say more nice things about you.

4. Can’t figure out what to get them? Give them the ability to get

Buy your client an Amazon Prime membership! It takes the stress out of figuring out what to get them and gives them the freedom to have whatever they really want to be delivered to their brand new doorstep.

They’ll be thinking about you all year, and if they renew, they might think about you as long as they’re members. Additionally, they might associate you with the products they buy, which is also a win.

5. Have them think of you everytime they lose their house keys

Tile is a small keychain clip-on that your client can use to track their house keys from their mobile device. Every time your clients lose their house keys and have an easy way to find them, they’ll think of you and how you’ve always got their back when it comes to the home.

It’s a cool conversation piece to show their friends. Plus, if they lose their keys in front of someone, that person will likely ask about it, giving your client another opportunity to mention you.