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1. Be accountable

The best thing about having an accountability partner or group is that the relationship is mutually beneficial. I think many real estate agents find accountability groups or partners to be a waste of time. They forget having a “coach” or “partner” that wants them to succeed and expand is vital to any industry.

Cheerleaders are absolutely necessary, and meeting with them on a consistent basis is of utmost importance. Consistency is the key to success in anything we’re determined to accomplish.

2. Connect x 100

You should connect with 100 people every day. We all know many real estate sales come from our sphere of influence (SOI), so focus on building relationships and making your sphere larger and stronger. Network to create new relationships, but always keep nurturing the ones you’ve already established.

To avoid coming off too “salesy” when messaging new people on social media, it is suggested to use  something like:

Hey (insert name), I just wanted to connect with you. I see that you are in the _____ industry. I am trying to build my network and find good people in your industry.

People you connect with will peruse your profile, realize you’re a Realtor and perhaps take interest in starting an honest and open connection with you.

3. Update your profiles

Nonworking phone numbers, old addresses, and outdated profile photos should be replaced regularly.

Maintaining our social media presence can be tedious, but we must keep up with it because it’s where most people are looking. Think about it as your personal brand. It is good ot update all profiles every January with a new picture and fresh information.

4. Make a detailed checklist (no matter what the listing price is)

I loved this statement, and I am a huge advocate for treating each listing exactly the same whether it’s an RV lot or a multi-million-dollar listing.

Prepare a detailed checklist for your review once you get the listing. Your checklist should not only include placing a sign, preparing flyers, taking professional pictures and shooting a video, but it should also include a detailed marketing plan based on who your buyers are and where they come from.

5. Use your network when marketing your listings

This is something I think we forget to do (or weren’t taught), but using your network is arguably the most important part of your marketing plan.

You have to know who your buyer is, where your buyer is coming from and how to connect your listing with the agents who might have that buyer.

Agents should be calling (not emailing) other agents; they should be showing their listings to other agents; they should be marketing their listings to other agents before those listings even go live on the MLS.

I think the world of real estate sales is changing, and we need to step up our game and take ownership of our own brand, network, and success.