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Reference No IC17067
Number of Pending Deals2-3
Number of Current Listings4-5
Years in Real Estate Business7-8
Homes Sold in Last 12 months9-10
Do you have an active advance with a Different Company?No
Property MLSAx 123344
Address of Property123 Sweet
Tentative Closing Date2020-06-30
Cityboca raton
Seller’s NameGorbach
Buyer’s NameDonald
Zip Code33422
What is the Purchase Price?$250,000.00
Max Advance Commision$6,750.00
What is your Gross Commission?$14,000.00
Requested Commission?$6,000.00
What is your Net Commission?$9,000.00
Company Name
Broker’s Address21218 ST. ANDREWS BLVD SUITE #514

Broker’s NameZev Freidus
Broker’s Phone Number5614419924
Broker’s Emailstrato2323@gmail.com
Title Company NameBEX Realty
Title Company Address1900 Glades Rd #201
Title Officerhubso
Contact Emailkbrian@gmail.com
Phone Number5614474456
Name your Bank Provider******
Account Number******
Account Type******
Routing Number******