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Reference No IC18440
Number of Pending Deals1
Number of Current Listings1
Years in Real Estate Business11+
Homes Sold in Last 12 months11+
Do you have an active advance with a Different Company?No
Property MLSHudson
Address of Property9 Avenue at Port Imperial, Unit 1009
Tentative Closing Date2021-07-15
CityWest New York
Seller’s NameK. Hovnanian
StateNew Jersey
Buyer’s NameDavid T Wood
Zip Code07093
What is the Purchase Price?$1,400,000.00
Max Advance Commision$41,250.00
What is your Gross Commission?$56,000.00
Requested Commission?$40,000.00
What is your Net Commission?$55,000.00
Company NameRealMart Realty
Broker’s Address27 Bleeker St
New Jersey
Broker’s NameJack Yao
Broker’s Phone Number8883626543
Broker’s Emailjack@realmartrealty.com
Title Company NameUnknown at this point
Title Company AddressUnknown at this point
Title OfficerUnknown at this point
CityUnknown at this point
Contact EmailUnknown at this point
StateNew Jersey
Phone NumberUnknown at this point
ZipUnknown at this point
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Account Number******
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