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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Who is Instant Commission?

Instant Commission provides a quick and easy solution for real estate Agents and Brokers to maintain consistent cash flow throughout the year. Instant Commission offers advanced payment on anticipated commission.

What is a commission advance on a pending sale?

Instant Commission provides you with a cash advance of your anticipated commission before your closing. We charged a fee for our service.

Is my privacy respected?
Yes. No personal information will be distributed to any third party.
What happens if the sale fails to close?
Statistically, only 10% of all residential transactions do not close. If that happens, then you will reimburse Instant Commission with a future sale or by other financial means.
What is the cost?
The fee will vary based on the amount of the advance and length of time to the anticipated closing. You may use our cash advance calculator on our Home Page as an example.
How much of my commission can I receive?
You may receive anywhere between 25% to 75% of your net commission.
Is the cost tax-deductible?
The Instant Commission advance fee may be tax deductible as a business expense. You should consult with your accountant.
How do I receive my commission advance?
The commission advance is wired to your preferred bank account.
How long does it take?
The application process takes a few hours to complete and to receive approval. Once approved, the funds are wired to your bank account within an hour. After the funds are wired, the availability of funds is based on your banking institution.
Is there a credit check?
No. We do not check your credit history or your financial history.


What is a real estate commission advance?
A real estate commission advance is when an Agent and/or Broker receives a cash advance for an anticipated commission before a closing. It is not a loan. An agent is simply leveraging their pending sale for a cash advance.
Is there any risk or liability to the Broker?
No. There is no risk or liability to the Broker. Additionally, the amount of the advance does NOT affect the Broker’s share of the deal.
How does the process work?
The agent applies for a cash advance. Instant Commission reviews the application. Once approved, an agreement is sent to the Agent and Broker outlining the terms and our fee structure. The Broker must acknowledge and agree to the cash advance to the Agent. Once signed, the funds are wired to the Agent.
Why does the broker need to authorize and sign the agreement?
The broker needs to authorize and sign the agreement because all real estate commissions earned by agents belong to the Brokerage. Instant Commission must receive approval from the Broker before providing a commission advance to the Agent.
How is instant commission repaid?
The commission advance is repaid at the closing. Instructions are sent to the title company or closing attorney regarding the repayment of the cash advance >and the fee to Instant Commission.
What happens when a deal doesn’t close?
If the deal does not close, the Broker shall have no obligation to repay any commission advanced to the Agent. Instant Commission will look to the Agent to repay the cash advance and fee from a future closing.